Venefica is the melodic rock/metal band that was formed in 2007. It consists of five very talented and skilled musicians.

Venefica had the honour to be a part of the huge national tour as supporting act for the biggest and most successful legendary thrash metal band of all times Arakain.

Venefica was also the special guest at the shows of Jorn Lande and Acey Slade (ex-Murderdolls, Joan Jett).

The band gathered huge experience from club shows as well as big open air festival stages (Basinfirefest, Colours of Ostrava just to name some). Venefica won several national talent band contests.

Drowning Soul Syndrome (2012)

Is the band´s second studio album. Conceptual effort which is the follow-up to the debut LP Reflections of Reality (2008) offers thirteen tracks and the string quartet recorded intro. The music and sound are full of fresh energy and the material is not comparable to anything produced by the other bands in the country.

The track Chains has been chosen as the first single and hit the top positions in the national radio charts.

The new CD is now available via iTunes, Bandcamp or Amazon and in the band´s official e-shop.

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Venefica hraje seen live, ambient, Progressive metal, Progressive rock, piano,

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