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Midori (ミドリ) was a four member fusion band formed in 2003 in Osaka, Japan.

Mariko Goto (後藤まりこ) (guitar and vocals)
Keigo Iwami (string bass)
Hajime (HAJIMETAL) (keyboards)
Yoshitaka Kozeni (drums)

Their sound is a mixture of jazz and hardcore punk mostly, with diverse vocals ranging from baby-pop melodies to insane screams and growls. Their lyrics, often irate or solemn descriptions of love, frequently incorporate elements of kabuki and enka, paired with the wild beat of a traditional Japanese street festival.

Their disbandment was publicly announced by vocalist Mariko Goto on December 25, 2010, with their last show titled "Sayonara, Goto-san" being played on December 30.

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