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Ścianka is a Polish alternative rock band from Sopot, formed in 1994 by Maciej Cieślak, Wojciech Michałowski and Arkady Kowalczyk. In 1996 the band was joined by Jacek Lachowicz, Cieślak's long-time friend. Ścianka has been notoriously changing their sound and exploring new territories, incorporating such styles as alternative, noise, experimental and psychedelic rock, or even jazz. Throughout its history, the band has went through several lineup changes: after Michałowski's departure in 1997, the position of the bass player was consecutively filled by Tran Chi (1997 - 1998), Andrzej Koczan (1998 - 2005) and Michał Biela (2005 onwards); also, 2005 was the year when Lachowicz left the band.
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