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9mm Parabellum Bullet was formed in March of 2004. Their name comes from their drummer, Kamijou Chihiro, who is a graduate of a soldier/finishing school.

They recorded two early mini-albums, Gjallarhorn in 2005 and Phantomime in 2006, encompassing a variety of genres, including hardcore, punk, metal, pop, and emo, accentuated by their own fast-paced sound. 2007 saw the releases of the Discommunication e.p., featuring "Discommunication" and a 25 minute live track, and The World e.p. which featured newly recorded version of songs from Gjallarhorn in addition two new tracks, "The World" and "Heat-Island." At the end of 2007 they released their first full album, Termination, after which they began their first one-man tour.

In the summer of 2008 the band released the double A-side single Supernova/Wanderland, which also included piano instrumentals of both songs, and a third song called "Wildpitch." In October the band released their second full album, VAMPIRE, and proceeded onto the VAMPIRE EMPIRE TOUR 08/09. In April of 2009 the band released their first live DVD, act I, which contained 4 concerts from different points in their career. The limited edition came with a copy of the VAMPIRE EMPIRE VIP pass and a photobook of the band.

In late spring of 2009, the band released the single "Black Market Blues."

菅原卓郎 (Sugawara Takuro), lead vocals, rhythm guitar
かみじょうちひろ (Kamijou Chihiro), drums
滝善充 (Taki Yoshimitsu), lead guitar, backing-vocals, piano
中村和彦 (Nakamura Kazuhiko), bass, screaming

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