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This is A.E.F.: music and talent meeting in an atomic reaction that unleashes artistic energy of awing proportions. The band describes its music as "structured" rock with blues influences, but whatever it's called, it's good. Beyond good. Masterful, original, accomplished, all those words music critics like to throw around. In short, this music is a conveyance of the heart and soul of a group of band members that want to speak to the audience but in a way that entertains and inspires. Through music, in other words. Quiet or loud, A.E.F. is able to reach the fan and make him or her feel enriched for having heard the songs.
A.E.F., 2005 Show For Life winners, is making the rounds through central Wisconsin with plans for expanding its musical journey into the Minneapolis area. A.E.F. wants to find listeners, entertain them, connect with them. The band is moving in an ever growing spiral outwards with nationwide exposure the inevitable result for musicians who have such musical intensity coupled with the talent to express it and the drive to succeed. There are more things supporting the band than are standing in its way. Talent demands to be recognized; the results are inevitable.
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