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Let us introduce you to Abi Rose, Australian/british singer, songwriter, drummer, boxer, geared up to rock the UK with her upcoming EP release in May 2014, 'Think I Am.'

Having spent the last three years in London developing her music, song writing style and finding her own unique sound which is clearly defined as 'urban, dance, pop', Abi Rose is a new artist to pay attention to. Flaunting influences such as Gwen Stefani, Joss Stone, Diana Ross and Annie Lennox, her 'Bang the door down' type entrance onto the pop music scene is hard to dismiss and her distinct 'real' and 'down to earth' nature is very appealing in an industry where some artists can take themselves a little too seriously at times.

With huge energy on stage, an untameable yet loveable edge of aggression and an unexpected sweetness that you didn't see coming, we think you're going to love Abi Rose's somewhat contradictory tough girl, yet feminine and sweet as honey type vibe as much as we do.

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