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Alana Bruce is a 25 yr old Melbourne based musician, who has been involved in a variety of projects. Trained in both classical and contemporary music, Alana began her musical exploration at a young age, learning the piano as a child and the guitar as a teenager. Exposed to a wide range of musical styles, including Classical, Jazz, Rock, Samba and Bossanova at high school, she graduated in the top 10 in the state for VCE solo performance piano. Delving further into composition, Alana broadened her musical vocabulary through her exploration of a diverse range of sounds and styles. This lead Alana to the fusion of Jazz and Blues with contemporary music as a means of expressing different moods and ideas. By incorporating some of Jazz’s more rhythmic and harmonic elements within a modern framework, Alana drew from the aspects of Jazz that she loved most; the beats, chords, voicings, style of melody and most importantly, the culture of improvisation. Incorporating colourful lyrics inspired by her interest in literature and poetry, and a major in philosophy and social theory, Alana embarked on the beginnings of a new journey which soon became the framework for ‘Degrees Of Freedom’. Her desire to contribute a new sound has led Alana to develop a strong identity with her music, in the attempt to make Jazz more accessible. Her songs are an infusion of contemporary alternative rock within jazz and blues styles, and are written with the sole purpose of making the listener think and feel. The music is honest and genuine; each song a story, drawn either from personal experience or from the narratives of others, highlighting different aspects of what it is to be human. Alana has had the fortune to collaborate and perform with some of Melbourne's Jazz talents and her album, since its release has been received warmly by the Australian music community.

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