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Alessandra Rosaldo.
Actress and Mexican singer, born September 11.

She was a little girl of not more than five years when she cried heartbroken if she could not accompany to his father to record some artists cds by the artists who handled or produced then.

Also the music that has been indispensable part of her life, Alessandra showed from small a great inclination by Olympic gymnastic, activity that it developed with passion, until the day about which a strong injury in the right knee made think her less about ventured activities. It decided to continue with his studies of ballet, to which it dedicated seven years of his life and at the age of 14 already it was totally it jeopardize with music, activity that only alternated with its studies in the school and the diversion of the girls of its age.

Alessandra registered in the Academy of the unforgettable Milton Ghío, was there where it had his first lessons of song, performance and dance of jazz, to which it was dedicated with a little usual delivery and with amazing results. To the thirteen years it had made his first professional work like choir in the recording studios, but now it was the moment for doing something by herself and after three years of arduous work, she graduated the first in class with diploma and the opportunity to appear in the program "Siempre en Domingo", opportunity that she dont accept because she dont to feel sufficiently prepared.

In 1990, Alessandra formed its first group with friends and they called "Banda Futura". Although this seemed to be the beginning of something important, the group dissolved just a short time later.

While she looked for her opportunity to be a star, Alessandra worked doing choirs
and second voice for Lucerito and the band Caló. It was at that time when she knew Chacho Gaytán, musical director of those and many other bands very successful of the time.

Alessandra and Chacho would form in 1992 the duo Sentidos Opuestos when they finding out their desire common to prevail like artists.

The musical career of the duo was very successful, recorded six discs and they sold millions of copies together. Also they crossed Mexico, the United States and a lot of part of Latin America offering concerts for more of a million euphoric spectators.

After "Sentidos Opuestos", Alessandra continued her solo career, Alessandra first solo album, Alter Ego, was released in 2002. She was the singing voice in spanish of the glad cowgirl "Jessie" friend of Woody in the film Toy Story 2 of the Pixar studies

Alessandra was prepared in the Center of Artistic Education(CEA of Televisa) to be actress and thus to begin a series of appearances in Soap operas like "DKDA", produced by Luis De Llano. "Salomé", produced by Juan Osorio. "Amarte es mi Pecado" of Ernesto Alonso, "Sueños y Caramelos", of Carlos Moreno.

In 2004, she recorded to pair a special version with "Ricardo Montaner", the song of the soap opera "Amarte es mi Pecado" a few months later she reedit her first album whit 3 more songs "No se Hablar de Amor", "Amarte es mi Pecado" and "Cuando Apago la Luz"

At the end of the 2005, Alessandra test her abilities in the dance when participating in the second stage of the television program "Bailando por un Sueño" competing against other nine couples; she and Gerardo Israel Aquino Gómez, a young person of the port of Veracruz-Mexico, they won the first place of the contest.

The most popular hits(in the time that recorded while she was principal voice of "Sentidos Opuestos") "Atrevete", "Historias de Amor", "Escribeme en el Cielo", "Cuando la Pobreza", "Bajamar", "Donde Estan?", "Mirame", "A Donde", "Fuego y Pasion", "Tu y Yo", "Amor de Papel", "Fiesta", "Sentidos Opuestos", "Ardiente Tentacion", "Tu Loco Amor", "Esta Noche", "Eternamente", "Nada", "Promises", "Yo Por Ti", "Cuando Ella me Amaba(song of Toy Story 2)"

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