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There are at least seventeen artists who go by the name Alex:

(1) alex (formerly known as thetrapman) is an romanian singer, producer and sound engineer at Central Music Group and well known for his collabs with NANE, Azteca and others

Alex Chu (알렉스)(2) Korean male singer in the group Clazziquai. Recently, he has been in many OST soundtracks, using his English name, Alex. Born and raised in Canada, he speaks Korean and English fluently and often sings in a mixture of Korean and English in his songs. Alex released his first solo album, "My Vintage Romance" in 2008. The album includes the song "Flowerpot," which was featured on the popular MBC variety show "We Got Married." He just recently released his second solo album, "Just Like Me" in 2011. Include in the album, is "되돌릴 수 있다면", a song he made for the "Late Autumn" OST.

Alex (3) or Alex Horsch in his whole name is a Hungarian ancient/folk musician with German origins. He plays the music of the ancient oriental priests, teachers, doctors, and wizards, which is called 'táltos' in Hungarian (it is closest to the 'shaman' word, but not's the same), and ancient musician, teacher "regös" (it's closest to the bards). This culture stayed from Siberia to the Carpathian Basin, from Tuva and Mongolia to Afghanistan, so nearly all of Middle Asia and East-Europe. He plays on 24 kinds of instruments, he make too nearly all of them. He sings throat-singing, which is the part of the World Heritage. It's an ancient, spiritual sing-kind, which used to magic too in the steppes, not just music. Like to other parts of his music, for example the jaw's harp.

Alex is a (4) Danish male singer from Copenhagen, who started his career with participation in the Danish version of Popstars. He left the program before the final at his own will, since he disliked the musical direction, which was pop, intended for the winner of the show.

Has released two albums: "Thirteen" (2003) and "Tag det tilbage nu" (2006).

Main hits: "Them Girls", "So Beautiful" and "Tag det tilbage nu".

(5) Alex was formed in Lieksa, Finland in the beginning of 1980´. Later recordings are available on their line-up Masa Mainds. Matti Päiväpuro has published as well some solo-tracks.

(6) Also a Romanian R&B singer, real name Alex Velea:

(7) A woman with her ukelele in California

(8) Alex is the stage name of a well-known Burmese(Myanmar) Rock, Pop & Alternative artist who started out as a singer-songwriter releasing pop rock hits albums and changed to Alternative around year 2000. He has already released more than 10 solo albums and numerous other albums in collaboration with other Myanmar artists. One the most famous collaboration is the group 19:18 which has already released three full albums in collaboration with Si Thu Lwin and Saung Oo Hlaing.

(9) A dutch rapper from Rotterdam.

(10) German big brother star of the 2000's series. He has a released a Song called "Ich will nur dich" (I only want you).

(11) A German musician and singer from the 1970's who recorded Turkish-influenced rock music with Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit.

(12) A Norwegian band around the Lithuanian/Polish singer Alexandra Sandoy Naumik, who played funk and soul music in the 1970's.

Alexandra Naumik was born to Polish parents in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR. During the Stalinist era she was deported to Siberia together with her family and only arrived in Poland 6 years later. With her 4 and a half octave voice Alex won several competitions and prizes while still a teenager and recorded records with renowned artists such as Agnieszka Osiecka and Adam Slawinski. Having graduated from the Pedagogy Institute in Łódź in 1969 she came to Norway in 1970 after having married film director Haakon Sandøy. Her debut in 1977 launched funk-rock in Norway while her album received both critical acclaim and the Norwegian equivalent for the Grammy Awards as well as silver and gold records for sales. Alex also became renowned as a trend-setter in several areas ("Alex-hair" was a common expression) and she became the first female artist in Norway to take full control over her music, her personal and public image at a time when a female control was unusual. She was also the first Norwegian artist to sign international recording contracts in 1977 with PolyGram International ( now Universal Music Group) and in 1978 RCA Records, USA working with artists such as David Foster, Andrae Crouch, Andy Summers and Glen Matlock. In addition to performing all Continents, Alex was also given her own television special in the German Musikladen program which was viewed by 20 million people in over 18 countries worldwide. An honour bestowed on the likes of The Ramones, Stevie Wonder and Roxy Music. As she was also a pioneer in co-operation between the music and commercial sector and became a spokesperson for Helen Curtis Shampoos, BASF, Levi's and Ford Motor Company amongst others.

Alex has over a long period been working in the United States and Japan as a songwriter and producer and she has most recently had success with her work with Swedish-born artist Leana's album Faith who reached number one on the Billboard charts in June 2006 and January 2007. Alex contributed on Leana's album as a writer and producer together with her daughter Naomi Naumik and her collaborator for 25 years, Grammy winner Atle Bakken

Alex has received several international prizes and distinctions in addition to national ones. These have included the "Nordring" prize in Helsinki (1981), Spellemansprisen, the Norwegian Grammy (1977), for two albums, and being voted "Female Artist of the Year" by the readers of Det Nye magazine in 1980

In October 2008 Alex started the release of all her recordings, after record labels had waited up to 30 years in taking action. This happened on i.e. iTunes but also through the artist's own website. The occasion also launched brand new recordings and remixes, including the classic song "Home Is Where The Hatred Is."

Alex was found dead in her apartment in Oslo september 17 2013. She became 64 year.

(13) A Japanese breakbeat artist from the late 90's. They released one EP (In Out × Inout).

(14) Józsa Alex or simply Alex is a hungarian singer also playing in guitar, piano and drums. He was the member of the hungarian boyband V.I.P.. He currenlty lives in the UK and working as a musical producer.

(15) Brazilian accordion player Alex Forró na Penha

(16) A dark synthwave artist releasing work on NewRetroWave and InnerWorksRecords Blood Club

(17) A Swedish Eurodance Group by Tony Alexander Entesarian and Marwa Chebil, among other vocalists, Alex produced his own music Stylish Eurodance at young age

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