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This name refers to multiple unrelated artists:

1. Alex Giannascoli—whose stage name is "Alex G" and was temporarily "(Sandy) Alex G"—is a multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia that has studied at Temple University, serving as a member of The Skin Cells. In general, he works as a guitarist and singer. You can check out his Facebook page at: and his bandcamp at

2. Alex G, now known as Alex Blue, is a musician known for their work uploaded on YouTube and Facebook, most of it covers of modern . For more information, see:

Top Tracks
1) Sarah
2) mary
3) Advice
4) change
8) Hope
9) Gretel
10) Runner
11) Gnaw
12) Memory
13) Kute
16) Bobby
18) animals
19) People
20) Harvey
21) Mis
22) clouds
23) Salt
24) adam

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