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Producer and singer from Black Strobe, Arnaud Rebotini was raised on funk and disco by his father nevertheless he rebelled and formed death metal and noise grunge bands. In 2000 he released an album ‘Organique’ under the nick name Zend Avesta, which was an experimental pop project. As a classical buff, he also works for the GRM, a state institution (created by the veteran innovators Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer devoted to contemporary music).

Many producers asked him, or as Blackstrobe, remixes such like Oliver Huntemann, ZEN KEI, The Rapture, Depeche Mode, Tiefschwarz and many more. Besides his Black Strobe discography, Arnaud Rebotini lately released records on Kling Klong, Goodlife and dimmer. Bored to compose and produce music with computers since years Arnaud droped his laptop and goes back to analog, and builds now a real vintage set up with classical electro/techno machines.

After his album with Black Strobe released in 2007, Arnaud Rebotini comes back with a new album and a 100% electronic live. Arnaud hopes for entering in a new approach in which live is the beginning of the project’s conception. The idea is to build a dancefloor set without using laptop or external sequencer but around emblematic machines (TR 909, TR 808, SH 101, JUNO 60, KORG MONOPOLY). This producer wants to let us share his studio experience in live. “Music Components” is an album of romantic and timeless techno where Rebotini goes back to hot and groovy sounds of his first productions.

To put things in his own words:

“In a time of disc disappearance, replaced by the laptop omnipresence as a tool of composition and production (I also created a part of my discography with the equipment that I am currently using to write this text!) and in a time where everything tend to dematerialization, I wanted to use instruments which have a history, a life. For me, they are invested of meaning. I have sensed the need to interact directly with the instrument : without medium and computer.

So I remembered how we did before. I took out again my TR 808 and my SH 101. I connected it together thanks to the arpeggiator of the synthesizer (exactly like at the beginning of the 80’s before Black Strobe). And then I had a good time. I regained the possibilities given by these equipments : their sounds, their unique groove. I rediscovered the pleasure to play.

So I wanted to see below. I connected all that I owned which had an arpeggiator : Juno 60, Korg Mono/Poly and my TR 909 to complete the rythmic and some effects pedals in order to expand the sound. After a few jamming days in studio the result was one hour of groovy electro/techno. A set in which I could put real variations and improvise. I had a real live in which the need to establish a connection between the man and the instrument was satisfied.”

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