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ASTN (born Austin Sanders) has been building to this moment since childhood. Starting with a drum set as a toddler and progressing from there, early exposure to music proved invaluable as his family moved all around the South before landing in the Sunshine State.

After studying jazz in college, and drawing on the warmth of R&B and poppier trap sounds, ASTN started making projects like December 2017’s 'Tell Your Friends,' which included the surprise hit ballad “Love No More.” He demonstrated even more depth as a songwriter on last June’s 'IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS' and showed his progress as a boundary-pushing producer on his “what if this song was rnb?” remix series on social media.

In early November 2021, ASTN posted a TikTok remix of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever,” transforming the track into a nostalgic slow jam. The clip resonated, clocking four million views in one night before exploding to 56.6 million in two months, leading to the demand for—and release of—a full-length cover.

Now, with the release of "Gradually" and more new music on the way, ASTN is ready to share what he has been carrying in his heart all along. He says, “Even if it’s not this relationship you’re in, if it’s not this battle you’re fighting now, you are almost there, whether ‘there’ is a million miles down the road or a couple feet ahead of you. I’m living proof of that.” With his new music and the support of Warner Music, his message is destined to reach more people than ever before.

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