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There are four artists named Baby Blue:

1. MNL48's subunit
2. UK hip hop artist
3. Italian band
4. Dutch Band


1. UK hip hop artist
Baby Blue is the future of hip-hop! She brings reality, lyrical content and freshness to a music industry, which is in desperate need.

Named after her favourite colour, the lyricist sets herself apart from the new breed of wanna-be's by focusing her energy on her lyrical content. The 20 year old South-West London native was introduced to hip hop by her older brother (radio Mc 'Bamboozle'). But it was only it was her relationship with a crew called 'Tyme squad' at the age of 14 that realised her musical talent lay in Mc'ing and proved to be the shaping of her career.

The introduction to a development course is where Baby Blue met her manager and by 2003 had her first taste of success with 'I Woulda' produced by Maestro The track had heavy rotation on Mainstream and Underground radio and generated interest from record labels and a fan base for the then 'unknown' artist.

Since that day Baby Blue has seen nothing but success, and though in the early stages of her music career, her collaborations on stage and record already read like the roster of a music veteran. Her first mixtape 'Out of the Blue volume 1' (July 2004) is a mix of mind blowing lyrics and entertainment. Working with artists such as SAS, Est'elle, Nio, Eurogang, Shystie, Swiss, Mr Shabz, and JD (So Solid).

In 2004 alone she completed a Galaxy tour with Nio (Echo Records), performed at 'The Black British Style' exhibition, at 'Unsigned' Hippodrome London with Mario Winans and with Estelle was able to perform at Shepherds Bush Empire Ecko charity event (featuring various US high profile Hip Hop artists), London's '10 Rooms' with John Legend and the nationwide 'Guru' tour., and is a regular at Carnaby Streets legendary Hip Hop record store/Open mic joint Deal Real. This amongst the rest of her hard work incited her to be named if not the the hottest then one of the hottest stars of 2005 by Trevor Nelson (MTV / Radio One DJ) and UK magazines.

The future looks undeniably bright for Baby Blue with the release of her mixtape 'Out Of The Blue Volume 2-The World Will Know' and is planning to start up her own clothing label 'Rachel Estelle' and Production Company 'Blue Inc'.

Currently Baby Blue is supporting the Mothers Against Guns campaign and features in their promotional video. She also features in the video for Lady Sovereigns Hoodies remix. While her own debut video Sometimes is being played on commercial music channels and can be viewed on her website


2. Italian band
Baby Blue sono:
Serena Altavilla : Voce
Mirko Maddaleno: Chitarra,Voce
Duccio Burberi: Basso
Graziano Ridolfo: Batteria

The Baby Blue is born in September 2004. In their first year of life they catch up the end of the Rock Contest di Controradio and record two demo: before with the aid of Andrea Franchi and the second one with to Andrea Orlandini and Saverio Lanza. In March of the 2006 they open the concert of Paul Benvegnù to the Magnolia of Milan; in the June of the same year they participate to the festival LOVES to ME organized from Rockit and come selects to you in order to play on the second stage of the Heineken Jammin' Festival. To July they are exhibited on the Psycho Stage of the Arezzo Wave, appear in the compilation official of the festival with the brano "River" and gain prize FAWI (Foundation Arezzo Wave Italy) like better group of 2006. To December, with the contribution of the FAWI, they record a EP of six brani to the Bunkerhaus Recording Studios of Florence with the artistic production of Paul Benvegnù, and begin the Lucky Brand Jeans Free Tour 2006, promoted from the supported Komart and from Rolling Stone, RDS and All Music. Tour them door to exhibit itself in premises like the Circle of the Artists of Rome, the Velvet of Rimini, Hiroshima Mon Amour of Turin. Nelllo same period plays to Turin in occasion of the Universiadi for the review "House Universiade Wave" and to Florence of support to Micah P. Hinson. In March of the 2007 they play to Bilbao for the European competition "Bilbo-Rock". Baby Blue is an Italian band born in 2004. In 2005 they recorded their first demo and got good reviews on italian fanzines. In 2006 the band won the most important contest for bands in Italy, the Arezzo Wave Love Festival, and that is how they have had the chance to record this first EP, produced by Paul Benvegnù. In two years the band has been playing all around Italy in loads of the most important Italian festivals, and is now going on with the Lucky Brand Jeans Free Tour 2006. Recently Baby Blue have played in Florence with Micah P. Hinson and in Spain for the "Bilbo Rock" European contest.

3. Dutch band

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