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Dramatic and captivating, dark and intriguing. Murder, love, betrayal, revenge are sonically morphed in an unforgettable theatrical rock performance. More than artists, the five members of Beggars Orchestra are story tellers.

Blasting drums, rich keyboards, thunderous bass and screaming guitar cuts through as a souring, melodic voice begins to tell the tale. Chapter by chapter the orchestra weave their story with intricate musical detail, captivating onlookers with their intense, energetic performance.

Beggars Orchestra's debut concept album 'And Then The Crows Will Come' set for release early 2011, is not one for the faint hearted. This 11 movement conceptual piece is captivating from its forceful beginning to its encaptulating end, showcasing technical precision and emotive performance in the bands unique progressive rock style. From its souring hights to deepest depths 'And Then The Crows Will Come' drags you kicking and screaming on an intense musical journey.

Internationally aclaimed producer Brendan Anthony (Jimmy Barnes, INXS, Midnight Oil) was "Blown away by the enormity of dynamics of Beggars Orchestra". Locking themselves in the studio, months passed till they crawled out of the darkness holding an album entitled 'And Then The Crows Will Come'. An epic tale of a man awakened from his years of catatonia by the sound of a solitary voice from the deep recesses of his mind. A voice speaking the unspeakable, commanding against commandments and portraying the destruction that must unfold by his hand. This saga is told in the immense depth of emotion and vastness of soundscape that crowds have come to expect from Beggars Orchestra.

The release of Beggars Orchestra's full length concept album marks on of the most highly anticipated releases from an independent band. The album itself has been more than 3 years in the making to produce a flawless masterpiece from intro to finale. Captivating a perfect blend of both melodic beauty and spine-bending rock, this album will appeal to any one who desires a truly unique sound.

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