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From way back in the ancient age of 2008, Jamie Beard (AKA Biometrix) has flourished extensively in his musical voyage as a producer. Having been a saxophonist from the age of 10, and a vocalist from the age of 5, it was no surprise production immediately became his new addiction. Beginning with a more experimental approach as he found his feet in the game, his production styles varied greatly, taking inspiration from legends such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Jack Beats, and The Prodigy, to name just a few, but it was not until late 2009 when he began touching upon what we know as 'Dubstep'.
Originally producing under the alias 'Dee Jay Mee', his library of work was at this point a gigantic cocktail of genres, but the bass-heavy rhythms and percussive thumping evolving from the dubstep genre quickly became his favourite style, and after hearing the revolutionary sound of Bar 9's work, particularly 'Midnight', he began to explore. . .
Having been involved in the scene for just over a year now, it is safe to say Biometrix has already begun making his mark. Combining catchy memorable melodies with booming percussive rhythms, his 18 year old ADHD fuelled productions are becoming a signature sound many DJ's are embracing, and with a growing reputation for holding heavily energetic and interactive live performances, he has already shared stages with names such as Skism, Bare Noize, Trolley Snatcha, Chasing Shadows, Funtcase, and Document One, to name just a few!
I think we better watch this one!

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