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Bixby Canyon are:
Jake - Vox/guitar
Yelo - Bass
Fletcher - Drums

Bixby Canyon (is that a Death Cab reference?) are harsh and grungy. Their frontman probably needs a bigger stage, even with the mic stands moved onto the floor he’s bouncing off his bandmates and running off to do a lightning lap of the half-empty room. Their unassuming bass player looks like Michael Cera, so it’s an impressive surprise when he steps up to the mic and screams like his guts are on fire. - Jody MacGregor - Rave Magazine live review

Bixby Canyon are a band from Brisbane, Australia. They play loud, raw, melodic, indie/punk/rock/grunge/alternative music.

Top Tracks
1) Saint
2) Lucrid
3) Tilt
7) Legacy
8) Become
10) Empty
11) Seed
12) Of Seas
14) Naive
16) Irony
18) Return

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