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Black Kray, also known as Sickboyrari & 10k Motorola, formerly known as $B K R 4 Y, Persian Cellphone Prince, ICED OUT UZI & Baby Moet, is a Virginia-based rapper, producer, film director, and founder of the collective and clothing brand Goth Money Records.

Kray began making music in his teenage years, releasing his first song on Myspace in 2007 shortly after buying his first microphone. That year, he would also go on to create his YouTube-channel, which was at the time known as sk8tbrdt, where he upload skating clips, music videos, and sometimes even just regular videos of him hanging out with his friends and listening to music.

In 2011 Kray joined his first collective, The Terrorist Posse, which at the time consisted of him and some friends. In late 2012, after having released some work together and a few members leaving, the short-lived group would eventually turn into the well-known Goth Money Records that Kray's known for founding today.
He has his own extensive solo discography separate from Goth Money, however. Kray is also a frequent collaborator, creating tracks with artists & producers such as Lil Yachty, SpaceGhostPurrp, Bladee, CHXPO, Working on Dying, Big Baby, and many more.

Kray is one of the most unique artists born from the internet rap culture, drawing heavy influence from artists such as Lil B, MGMT, Pink Floyd & Santigold. His mannerisms and style made him a pioneer in the cloud rap sub-genre, and has also been at the forefront of the tread sub-genre. His signature delivery is often very slurred or nearly unintelligible, sometimes reaching a sing-song tone.

Kray continuously pushes out new music, and always exemplifies his self-coined “still struglin', still shinin'” lifestyle.

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