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Marek Nowinski (better known as Bliss kf 192) is an electronica musician from Poland and has been creating experimental/ambient/electronica since 1996; he is active on the internet and has released a plethora of music videos of his own work to his youtube account.

His Youtube url:

Bliss kf 192 Experimental/ambient/electronica since 1996; albums:
1997- Bliss kf 192-Horizontal wave
1997- Bliss kf 192-silver wave
1999- Bliss kf 192-Saturn sets
1999- Bliss kf 192-industry
1999- Bliss kf 192-Visar
2003- Bliss kf 192-travelling into esotic world
2005- Bliss kf 192-Volant 60
2006- Bliss kf 192-Ultralands
2006- Bliss kf 192-Ultraworlds
2006- Bliss kf 192-Silver dollar john archive(6cds)
2008- Bliss kf 192-Electronic Quixote.

He is currently unsigned and searching for a publisher / record deal in order to begin getting his music to a wider audience.

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