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The Brickyard Bluesband originated at the end of October 2005 when a group of musicians started playing blues and bluesrock together. This group took residence in a small business premises that had been built on a former brickyard location, so it didn't take much to come up with its name.

Fairly soon after its formation the band decided to record a few songs in a recording studio. The bandmembers chose to record some of their own material, some arrangements and a couple of cliché songs. The CD that arose from those sessions was the album "First Bricks". In the period after its release this CD has been played regularly by various radio stations during their blues shows. The band was even highlighted at a feature one hour radio special with Nico Bravenboer, who hosts a leading blues show.

The daily newspaper "Gooi en Eemlander" has also printed an interview with the band. Meanwhile, "First Bricks" has already been played on radio in five countries, a.o. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and the state of Tennessee ( USA). As a result of this the band got more gigs and managed to frequent the better clubs. After a number of changes in personnel the band has now taken definite shape into a well-
qualified line-up.Eventually, the band opted for heading towards bluesrock with much groove, feel and power, once again clearly emphasized by the release of their new CD single early 2008.

Gradually, the band have put in more and more appearances at motor-cycle clubs venues, and such, because their music matches their lifestyle well. A bunch of passionate swinging bluesrock musicians put together, with a firm groove in their music, that's what the "Brickyard Bluesband" is all about!


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