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”Dark”, “melodic”, “spiky” and “atmospheric” are all overused words in the noble pursuit of describing sound. Still, they all seem oddly appropriate when trying to get a handle on what Sydney's Cabins are. With a sound that is uniquely theirs, they sift through rubble in the musical junkyard pulling out shards of glass and little treasures, and making them into songs.
Pounding basslines and drums intersect with woozy pianos and spiky guitars to carry tales of foreboding and unease up a strangely melodic path. Cabins aren’t part of any pack, not through design or stubbornness, but due to the happy accident that this is how the songs arrive: surprising, unique, and distinct

Cabins is also the electronic-folk solo project of Michael Ipsen. It's what he does when he's bored. Don't expect much.
Melodica, Accoustic Guitar, Bass, Toy Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion, and Chiptune Samples all by Michael Ipsen

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