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The german synthpop trio Camouflage was officially formed in 1984 by vocalist Marcus Meyn and keyboardists/programmers Heiko Maile and Oliver Kreyssig. The group took first place in a radio-sponsored song contest in 1986, and before long, their debut single, "The Great Commandment," was scaling the German charts. Their full-length debut, Voices and Images, was released in 1988, reflecting the group's classic new wave synth-pop influences, but most of all Depeche Mode. 1989's Methods of Silence began to broaden Camouflage's sonic palette, yet the Depeche Mode sound still remained at the forefront. Oliver Kreyssig then left the group, leaving Maile and Meyn as a duo augmented by several studio musicians. By the time of 1991's Meanwhile, Camouflage had garnered a not insignificant following on college radio; the album moved still farther away from synthpop and incorporated greater instrumentation. However, with the advent of grunge, synthpop lost a great deal of its footing on college radio; Camouflage soon found itself without an American record deal. 1993's Bodega Bohemia, available only as an import, moved back towards synth-oriented music and took a darker tone than much of their previous work. The mostly instrumental Spice Crackers followed in 1995, after which the future of the band was cast into doubt; a best-of compilation, We Stroke the Flames, was released in Germany in 1997.
They released their comeback "Sensor" in 2003; "Relocated" in 2006.

There are other artists with the same name:

CAMOUFLAGE is a Japanese idol group from Nagoya. They debuted at an event in October of 2012. Member Takasaki Shouko plays guitar during their live performances, and she is also well-known for her gravure work. CAMOUFLAGE sold out their first solo concert in the space of two days. Their first single "KIMOCHI Choukousoku" was released on the 3rd of March 2013, which was produced in a limited edition of 300 copies. There are currently seven CAMOUFLAGE members: Tatematsu Asu, Sakura Mone, Shiina Azusa, Takasaki Shouko, Yamashita Moe, Kamiya Runa, and Sanjou Katsuki. Three other members were once part of the group, but have since graduated: Itou Erika, Yashino Sakura, and Kawai Miori.
Aside from music activity, the members of CAMOUFLAGE are involved in various local entertainment: they have appeared in TV dramas, variety shows (including their own regularly-scheduled internet show, BILLY CAM(e)), and they also regularly host radio programs.

Swedish: Camouflage was a new wave / goth band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They released three albums in the eighties. The first one was "Camouflage" which came in 1985. Their second album was "En Förtjusande Vän" in 1986. The third was called "La La La" in 1988.
After their third album they changed their name to Tapirerna because of the German band with same name.