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Chewie Melodies is a Canadian pianist and composer known for his live performances at the site

He began to learn piano at the age of 5, and he has since played the instrument almost uninterruptedly. He would perform at his local church as well as work in some smaller projects before fully committing to a professional pianist career in 2014 after starting his own channel on Twitch and gaining some initial following.

Being one of the first musicians to use the site to livestream his performances, he has become known for his live interpretations by ear of songs requested by his viewers, as well as his uninterrupted improvisations known as Mellow Mondays. He has made these, as well as his preferred live interpretations, available first on Youtube and later on Spotify as well.

In 2020 he has released several cover albums of several videogame and anime soundtracks, as well as popular Chinese and worship pieces.

He also composes original music, with perhaps the most notable example being the soundtrack for the online MMO Pokemon Planet.

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