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**Please note - there are 2 musicians by the name of Clare Cooper - Last FM advises that they cannot separate the two at this stage. Clare Cooper of Australia, is a Harpist involved in contemporary music, improvisation, noise, field recordings etc, and Clare Cooper of USA is a singer songwriter**

Harpist Clare Cooper (b. Sydney 1981) is interested in unlikely pairings, and what they reveal of machines and music. She plays the Concert Harp and the Chinese Guzheng and is based in Berlin.

Over the past 7 years she has toured Europe, USA, UK, Australia, NZ and Japan presenting solo work and collaborating with new sound makers from any discipline. For the past 6 years Clare has been Co-Director of the NOW now festival of spontaneous music with partner Clayton Thomas, now Australia’s key experimental sound and film festival and initiated the ongoing fortnightly series ‘if you like improvised music, we like you’ in 2001.

Clare’s broad musical interests can be seen in the diversity of her discography; having worked with Internationally acclaimed improvisers Jim Denley, Mazen Kerbaj, Cor Fuhler, John Butcher, Xavier Charles, Chris Burn, Tetuzi Akiyama, harpist Rhodri Davies, Jon Rose, Phil Minton and Oren Ambarchi as well as minimalist ensemble the Splinter Orchestra, the Scott Horscroft Ensemble, songwriter Darren Hanlon, Hip Hop producer Unkle Ho, and Australian Pop groups Sun, Prop, Gelbison and Inga Liljestrom.

Aside from solo performance, her current projects include Germ Studies (Sci-Fi duo with Chris Abrahams), Hammeriver (7 piece Alice Coltrane inspired jazz), Nevers (duo with Jean-Philippe Gross), Pin Pin Pin (trio with Magda Mayas and Steve Heather), The Splinter Orchestra (25 piece, Sydney-based improvising ensemble), Crax (trio with Axel Doerner and Cor Fuhler), Picket (duo with Cor Fuhler), Cab (trio with Burkhard Beins and Chris Abrahams), All the Buttons (duo with Clayton Thomas).

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