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Code For Silence was found in late 2006 by guitarists A.Komi and T.Liekkala. For a long time Komi had this burning desire to start create something faster and heavier music he had done in any band involved. He told his ideas to Liekkala whom he knew being a talented musician. Liekkala interested about new project immediately. No time and guys found themselves in a rehearsal place sharing more ideas. Liekkala decided to play drums at first and recommended A.Ström as a vocalist. Ström arrived to the next rehearsals and he was just a right man for the job. His low growling and fast word spitting impressed at the very moment. CFS composed three songs which they decided to record. At this moment the bass players spot was yet open. No time and good old P.Kattainen grapped his 5-string and joined CFS. So in July 2007 band recorded three songs and the first demo was titled Today You Die. Today You Die received very good feedback from people all over the world in myspace and some record companies contacted band but th ings never got any further. Due to military services and working issues Code For Silence spent a quiet moment until finnish record label Off Records Finland decided to sign band.

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