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Standing atop Mount Vesuvius, Stuart Chater turns to Brent Haley, "We should fly off this mountain top."
"… do you want to make music first?"
"Yeah. Alright."

And so, Coupons musical collaboration was born. Hailing from Sydney, Australia this duo have been producing Dream Rave for the past two years, embracing the D.I.Y approach in a studio built from hot-ass tech, preloved keys, suspicious cables, duct tape and love, they compose addictive tracks like clouds make rain.

Exhibiting early potential, the lads won Royksopp's "Tricky Tricky" remix competition to some acclaim, check out the MySpace. You'll see. A girl I know, she loved it. They also dabble in live performance. The exercise is healthy.

They wrote a single, it's pretty boss. People like Aeroplane are playing to hot girls in sun dresses. According to Stuart "Singles are the future."
"Singles are also the roots," replies Brent.
Both are correct.

Here is said single. D.I.S.C.O. Texas have put it out. Now our robot overlords will enslave us all. Here's hoping they love synth.

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