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Sands claims that she formulated her career plan before she even started kindergarten. She swears that the first time her parents handed her the microphone to the family Karaoke machine, at the age of three, she knew she was born to be a singer and that is when her quest began. She says that nothing, not even twelve years of school, was able to alter, derail, or deter her, from her musical career path and her trip to Nashville last year only convinced her that music was her destiny.
So, for the past year, she has dedicated herself to fine tuning her skills, gathering songs, taking guitar lessons, learning to write, and performing as often as possible around her Baltimore neighborhood, and at nearby festivals, in preparation for the next step. Demonstrating a practical side, and taking her cue from one of her musical heroes, Tammy Wynette, Sands says she knew she couldn't pursue a singing career without a "plan B."
So in addition to her diploma, she majored in cosmetology and acquired her beautician's license so she would "have a way to support myself while I wait to get discovered." "I've done my homework," she says, "and I am fully aware of how difficult it is to break into this business. I also know that the number of artists who make it to radio is very small. But, although I will always keep working towards that superstar dream, I will be quite content if I am able to make a living with my music. Fame would be nice, but I'll settle for longevity."
This year when Sands arrived in Nashville during CMA Fest week, the vibe was entirely different and phase two of her career plan was completely engaged. Last year she attended as a fan and this year she was in Music City as an artist with a busy recording and meet and greet schedule. Her first stop was the famous Ryman Auditorium where she was able to watch the 40th Annual IFCO Talent Show from a VIP placement backstage. With her name prominently displayed in the inside front cover at the beginning of the program by her sponsors, and on the last page of the program, by her Nashville publicist (Karen Tallier of Loudmouth Entertainment), she was soon being approached for autographs; something she readily admits she could get used to. With so many great artists in attendance; including Chris Young, Joe Diffie, Ty Herndon, and Aaron Tippin, just to name a few, she says her excitement level stayed at the max.
Over the next few days her life was a whirlwind of work and play. She spent the better part of two days in the recording studio, laid down seven tracks which included a duet with Ron Williams (son of Leona Williams and step-son of Merle Haggard) but still managed to accept an invitation to the album release party for Big and Rich, took time to sing from the famous bar at the Coyote Ugly Saloon, took a turn on the legendary front stage at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, courtesy of John Stone, did a photo shoot at some of Nashville's most famous landmarks with Tammy Pennington of PhotoArtist Portraits out of Pearland, Texas and even found time to treat herself to a pedicure. "Slowing down has been my biggest challenge" she says, then after amping up the smile level, the nineteen year old adds, "but, then again, when you consider that I started my career at the age of three; well, I guess I've been pretty patient for the past sixteen years."

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