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There are two artists with this name
1. A British independent rapper and musician
2. An Australian singer/songwriter

1. Dan Bull is an English rapper and songwriter known for his politically orientated lyrics and specific addressing of high profile figures in his music. His music has been featured in the British press as part of attempts to save BBC Radio 6, campaign against the Digital Economy Bill, and protest in favour of filesharing.

He has released two albums, "Safe" (2006) and "Face" (2009) and several non-album tracks, and has become famous for several songs about video games and technology.

Dan Bull announced via his website that he was aiming to get into the UK and Global charts with his new track "Sharing is caring." He offered it on iTunes,, Amazon and on torrent via The Pirate Bay. To people who bought all 10 versions of his track, they would be thanked in a music video of his, given that they notify him with sufficient proof. The lyrical content in the different versions of his track were targeted at popular social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter. and Google-. He also offered the instrumental by itself, voice only versions, and remixes of each track. The Animal Circus remix reached the top of the Reggae charts on Amazon UK, and second place in the World category.

2. It was a chance meeting and a passing comment by Beastie Boys’ keyboardist Money Mark that gave Dan Bull that extra bit of inspiration to step out of a dream gig touring with Eskimo Joe to launch a solo career.

In the middle of touring as Eskimo Joe’s keyboardist for the Big Day Out Tour in 2004, Dan happened to meet Money Mark whose words of wisdom were that in order to make it in the music world - one must take the plunge and go out on their own.

Never one to shy away from a challenge - Dan heeded Money’s advice, left the band, launched a solo career and has not looked back since.

Hailing from the rich music mecca of Perth, Western Australia - Dan has just released his third EP entitled “Hanging Up My Mind” and recently returned from a launch tour across the eastern seaboard.

With a radio personality as a father, Dan grew up surrounded by music and had his first piano lesson at the tender age of 6. A few years later Dan took up the french horn and studied voice soon after. Dan’s classical music studies continued for many years and throughout his teens and early twenties he toured with several orchestras across Australia and Europe.

Dan went on to play live piano and keyboards with a number of Perth bands, including The Sleepy Jackson before joining Eskimo Joe in 2004.

Dan released his first EP – self-titled “Dan Bull” – in mid 2005 followed by “Nothing Bad Again” in 2006 – both of which have had songs Unearthed and play listed by Triple J and also picked up by Nova.

Dan's music can be described as an atmospheric mix of pop, rock and soul and he cites an eclectic mix of influences including Elton John, the Beatles, Brian Wilson, Doves and N*E*R*D.

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