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Dark Cat (also stylized as dark cat) is an Icelandic musician most well known for their music in the bubblegum bass genre. In mid-2015, Dark Cat released their debut single, Days. They have also been known to occasionally release remixes of tracks in nearby genres, sometimes in collaboration with other artists though Dark Cat is not particularly fond of collaborations. While the precise genre has changed and progressed over the years, ranging from future bass and bubblegum bass to catstep and house, their music has essentially remained entirely within the realm of electronic dance music. The vocals in their music are often voiced by outside vocalists but are sometimes voiced by themselves.
Dark Cat releases their music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube Music, Amazon, Deezer and SoundCloud. They have also had their music featured on the rhythm game osu!

In early life, Dark Cat did not attend music classes as financial constraints would not allow for regular sessions. Working around this, they moved to learn and produce music on their computer, becoming almost entirely self-taught in music. They are also adept at playing both the keyboard and the guitar.

While their inspiration in the interim stems from music they had listened to recently, they still derive most of their inspiration from their earlier music. When producing their music, they like to take a more permissive and forgiving approach, with a philosophy of "If it sounds good, it sounds good." Outside of sometimes comparing volume, Dark Cat does not reference other tracks.

Seeing it as analogous to a diary, Dark Cat enjoys nostalgia from listening to their old music on occasion, noting how it allows insight into what was happening in their life at the time. Personally, Dark Cat enjoys EDM, dubstep, house and riddim music. Their 2016 single, BUBBLE TEA, is viewed by Dark Cat as to be the song they are the proudest of and had the most fun producing, citing its simple sounds and arrangement and the surprising ease in which samples worked with the rest of the track.

Dark Cat views themselves as a successful music creator, mentioning how they are happy with their music being exposed to and enjoyed by a wide audience. They see their most important success as creating something for others to enjoy, with material gain being irrelevant to their success.

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