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1. Darkstar are a 3 piece electronic band from the north of England. Their first LP "North" was released in October 2010 on Hyperdub imprint. Band members include Aiden Whalley (synths,) James Buttery (vocals,) and James Young (beats and bass.)

2. Darkstar is a one-time project by Armin van Buuren for his record “See Me, Feel Me”

3. England’s Dark Star was formed by three former members of Levitation — vocalist and guitarist Christian Hayes, bassist Laurence O’Keefe (the Hope Blister), and drummer Dave Francolini. Like their former band (but obviously without guitarist Terry Bickers), the group’s sound features dense, complex structures and needling guitars. The trio debuted with the Graceadelica single in late 1998 and followed that with another single, I Am the Sun, in March of the following year. The LP Twenty Twenty Sound appeared a month later and was generally reviewed positively, but failed to do much commercially. A third single, About 3AM, supported the LP, as did a series of multi-format and remix singles. The band had a almost completed second album which sadly never saw the light of day.

4. Darkstar (1990s) was a side-project of “hippie metal” band Psychotic Waltz guitarist Dan Rock. Rock recorded two albums with various guest musicians on each: Marching Into Oblivion, released in 1995, and Heart Of Darkness, released in 1999.

From the official Psychotic Waltz website:

Siggi and Dan thought it would be cool to make a CD with instrumentals, dark like Pink Floyd, but heavy like , with technical spoken samples and sequencing like Kraftwerk. It was well received by many fans of PW, and many who didn’t like PW!

The resulting two discs of music are a fusion of industrial, ambient, and Psychotic Waltz’s “hippie metal” sound. Highly recommended to fans of PW or any of the above genres.

5. There is also a Belgian Hard-Dance band performing under the name Darkstar. They are publishing their music under copy-left music on Dance-Industries

6. Industrial band from Ukraine.
7. Darkstar was a canadian AOR band.
Released a self-titled album in 1981.