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There are at least 8 artists with this name:

1 | DatA / Electro / David, FRANCE
J'aime pas l'art, Aerius Light, Rapture (feat. Sebastien Grainger) …

Trop Laser EP (2006)
Aerius Light EP (2007)
Rapture EP (2008)
One In A Million EP (2009)
Skywriter LP (2009)

More infos : /

2 | Data is a d.i.y. (emotional) hardcore band from porto alegre, rs, brazil. the members consist in 1/5 of my soundtracked life and 3/5 of alba numbers. they started playing together some day in august of 2007 and are currentely probably not recording songs for a 2008 release. more info @

3 | Data is an independent rock band in Southern New Hampshire.

4 | DATA is an independent synthpop band in México City, that released one original album in 2014; "Dilema EP".

5 | DATA is a British synthpopband that released three original albums; "Opera Electronica" in 1981, "2-Time" in 1983 and "Elegant Machinery" in 1985. A compilation called "Accumulator" was released in 1995 by Eternity Records containing the complete albums "2-Time" and "Elegant Machinery," and the track "Fallout" from their first album "Opera Electronica." Data was inspired by machinist and bauhaus movements and of their contemporary cabaret music of the 20s and 30s. Lyrically they were satirical for their first two albums, turning somewhat more romantic/light entertainment/dance to their last.

Frontman Georg Kajanus (originally Hultgren, of norwegian ancestry) previously played in angloscandinavian electro-rock band Eclecticon and as keyboardist/composer in the 70s rockband Sailor. In the late 90s Georg returned to Sailor for several live performances. Other members of Data were the sisters Frankie & Phil Boulter, of who only Frankie remained in the band for the last album Elegant Machinery.

The album 2-time was actually recorded just after the debut album Opera Electronica, but the release was delayed until just before Elegant Machinery was released for some reason. It is apparent when listening to the difference in the sound of the latter two and the similarities between the two first.

6 | Data is Nick Burne, a drum and bass producer from London (

7 | Data The early version of the band was named TA Data, with the initials of the band's brainchild – Tiit Aunaste – fronting. Aunaste brought the then-high-tech world of programming into Estonian progressive rock. His partner in the project was none other than the great Igor Garšnek, the keyboard whiz of prog legends Ruja and symphonic prog great Synopsis. Ruja had split up in 1988, and Data was one of the projects Garšnek embarked upon afterwards.

The duo was augmented at times by various musicians. At times, Garšnek's former bandmate, the legendary Ruja vocalist Urmas Alender, worked with Data in providing vocals and lyrics. Another vocalist that worked with Data was Hillar Norralt, known as the "Jon Anderson of Estonia" for very good reasons. It's scary to listen to some of the stuff, as it sounds like Jon Anderson singing in Estonian! Guitarist Mihkel Raud, now with the popular rock band Mr. Lawrence[, also featured in many Data recordings. Kalle Vilpuu, another one of Estonia's most brilliant guitarists, also lends his considerable talent to many tracks.

Though Data recorded many pieces during 1988-1992, very little of it saw public release. The only release was a cassette, Kõik läheb mööda, which is one of the most sought-after items in Estonian prog for its rarity. The cassette featured some of the band's best, including the title track featuring Urmas Alender at his best. It also features the aforementioned Hillar Norralt being at his "Jon Anderson" best.

However, many of the band's other great material – including both Alender and Norralt – remains unreleased. Some of it, such as the four-part Christmas prog suite that was partially released in a Christmas LP Jõulu pop, is absolutely amazing. Hopefully some of this material will find a way to be released one day.

The 1989 LP release by Igor Garšnek, called Loomade Farm – a prog oratorio on the classic George Orwell story "Animal Farm" – also featured Data.

Though the band featured programming as a central element, this did not mean the band was confined to the studio. Data did gig, with Aunaste often taking the difficult task of playing, as well as singing. Again the duo was often augmented on stage, usually by a guitarist like Nevil Blumberg (the Synopsis partner of Garšnek).

Sadly, the project faded away in the early 1990s. Though Aunaste and Garšnek both remained active in the music scene, Data was perhaps too far ahead of its time. Technology has since improved to remove some of the "cheesy" aspects of programming that plagued the genre in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, their material is a testament to the innovative nature of Estonians in all fields, including prog. Perhaps it would be fun for the duo to regroup and play around with the technologies of the 21st century

8 | Data is an experimental electronic group from Philadelphia consisting of Nina Ryser of Palberta (keyboards, synthesizer, bass, vocals) and Gabe Adels (guitar, vocals) with two album releases Divine Creature in 2017 and Invisible Witness in 2018 and a self titled ep in 2015

9 | An obscure Ex-Yugoslavian synth pop project from the 80's.

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