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David Nevue (pronounced NEV-Yoo) is a solo piano composer and a pianist. He is the founder of Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio online radio station.

With a piano style somewhere between Chopin and George Winston, David Nevue brings melody and heart back to instrumental music. Perhaps Heartsong Review said it best when they described his music as "hauntingly romantic." David's music introduces us to a wilderness of musical ideas which the listener becomes anxious to explore.

Interestingly enough, if you ask David about his musical background he might surprise you. He comes not from a background of polished piano music, but grew up a typical 1980's teenager strongly under the influences of such progressive rock artists as Rush, Pink Floyd, and Kansas. David pursued rock music as a career throughout his college years, playing keyboards for a number of garage bands.

It wasn't until David's college roommate introduced him to the piano music of George Winston that he began to consider a career as a pianist. "Prior to hearing George Winston, my idea of 'solo piano' went no further than classical music, a form a music I've never felt much connection with. Winston's impressionistic style was at that time unlike any music I had ever heard. My roommate played Winston's music all the time, and it just sort of seeped in. I found myself playing around with a few melodies at the piano and I just never stopped."

Although solo piano music can be found in most any book or music store, David Nevue stands out. He has a unique sound, which soothes and calms in this busy, noisy world. "I just take it one day at a time and try to continue improving upon myself and my compositions" he says. "I'll let God take care of the rest."

His music can be listened to on-line at

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