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There are at least six artists who go by the name Dexter:

1. A 26 year old producer, DJ and MC from Germany. He digs Flylo, Madlib and Oh-No as much as library music, psych rock and Amiga Schlager. Dexter is one of the founding members of the Generation Tapedeck blog. His latest LP is "Yung Boomer (Instrumentals)".

2. A four-time Australian DMC Champion turntablist of The Avalanches and Grrilla Step Collective fame.

3. DJ and producer from The Netherlands. He is one of the founders of Klakson label.

4. A chiptune artist from the UK

5. Brazilian rapper, a former member of 509-E.

6. A Tech-House producer from the UK, associated with the Wiggle club nights.

7. A C64 and Amiga musician from Finland, member of the Abyss group, who was responsible for coding the Abyss Highest Experience (AHX) music tracker for Amiga.

If you have the soundtrack of the TV series "Dexter" tagged to this artist, please fix your tags.

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