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Dreyt Nien is a project from the enigmatic french sound artist Dawid Huck who lives in a small town in the east of France near to the german border.

I worked with sound since my childhood, with various cassette collage and mixing technics, field recordings, and later with synthesizers, software soundtrackers and since five years with hardware modular synthesizers, which is today my favorite tool to combine the three sound approachs : field recordings, tape/sample manipulation and synthesizers. I am also Software engineer and to adapt it to my personal needs I built some parts of my unique instrument himself.

Influenced and inspired by styles and sounds like experimental electronic music, industrial noise, sound collage, concrete music, micro sound, music, acid house, ethnic and medieval music, natural sounds, voices, AM diffusion, and even stupid radio hits, mostly everything can be recycled into a track, my approach tends to stay subtily at the border of various sound and musical styles. I am not really composing, and not truly improvising but ratherinfluencing the prepared modular synthesizer, each track is an unique performance and the music is never static but progresses slowly with sometimes gentle changes, or radical audio genetic mutations . How noise becomes music, how music becomes silence, how the sound comes back from silence, how everything is combined and a new langage is emerging. As a result, it creates beautifully complex and slowly evolving soundscapes, wild and unpredictable and partially produced by auto-generative patches.

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