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Durrty Goodz, formerly known as Doogz (real name Dwayne Mahorn), is a grime MC from Stratford, East London. He is known for his great versatility, which can be seen in his ability to jump on Grime, Hip-Hop, Bashment, and RnB tracks, although grime is the genre many of his fans favour him spitting over. His witty lines and great flow have won him many new fans over the years, and he is one of the best emcees to grace the scene.

He's now had eight years working his mic off on the underground scene proving his skills at raves like Eskimo Dance, Sidewinder and Smoove as well as the big Pirate stations to gain the respect as a fast and conscious talking British MC. Now rewind back a few year's when Goodz dropped one of his finest and most thought provoking joints to date "Bak 2 Skool". For this DG took Ludacris' "Act A Fool" instrumental and busted a lyrical reality check to all wannabe gangstas/playas: “Yoots if you’re rude and you carry a sick attitude/What you really need to do is go back to school/ Don't act the fool and go packin' a tool/What you really need to do is go back to school.”

Well respected UK producers Ignorants and Fusion have put there music behind DG’s fourth coming projects “Fusion” goes one step further describing him as “the perfect example of old skool values and new-skool flows. For many heads on the scene, he's the MCs MC…This kid is destined to change the game”.

Watch out for the 9 track “Axiom EP” where he exclusively tells us his side of the story, followed shortly by the album “Born Blessed” in which we are taken on an historical journey through the birth of Hiphop and the Jamaican sound clash influence on it (coming 2007).

As of 2017, Goodz now goes by the name OG Rootz.

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