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Edge of Sanity was a Swedish band whose work often delved into experimental territory shifting from traditional death metal to melodic and progressive death metal. Edge of Sanity are regarded alongside Opeth as being the first to fuse extreme metal styles like death and with genuine .

Having formed in 1989 in Finspång, Sweden, Edge of Sanity asserted themselves as a solid death-metal outfit with their debut release "Nothing But Death Remains", but their second release "Unorthodox", with tracks like "Enigma" and "When All Is Said", showed them branching out from some of the genre's conventions. "The Spectral Sorrows", "Until Eternity Ends", and "Purgatory Afterglow" continued the trend, so that by the release of 1996's "Crimson" they were recording full-on . "Crimson" was a 40-minute concept album consisting entirely of one track, concerning a post-apocalyptic future in which mankind had lost the ability to breed. After one more album, 1997's "Infernal", guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Dan Swanö left the band, and his departure is generally associated with a decline in quality in the band's material. Swanö was replaced by Robban Karlsson, the vocalist of Pan.Thy.Monium (a side project in which Swanö was also involved), but after one more album, the same year's "Cryptic", the band split up.

In 2003, Swanö reconvened the outfit as a one-man band (with several session musicians, however) and recorded a sequel to "Crimson", naturally entitled "Crimson II". Immediately after, he re-dissolved the project, and it has been silent since.

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