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Erthlings, an up-and-coming group consisting of four talented 16-year-olds—you read that right—out of Sydney, Australia. The release is the group’s debut single on label Future Classic (Flume, Jagwar Ma), and is a product of years of growth and collaboration following the group’s first meeting at a music school at age eight.

Opening with the pairing of snaps and frosty vocals—the epitome of cool-girl chill—vocalist Issy croons out the title line, “I’m finally free / burning bridges / now I can breathe / healing stitches,” before the track picks up, allowing a moment for each member to shine. Breezy, barely there harmonies contrast with drummer Lissa and bassist Taylor’s infectiously catchy rhythm section, and Jessame’s groovy (but decidedly not in-your-face) lead guitar to create a moment that’s explosive without being obnoxious about it.

In an industry that can be hard on teenaged girls, Erthlings embraces their young-woman status and write on their collective experience, which, in an entirely not shocking twist of events, is relatable in its honesty.

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