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Eurogang is made up of talented individuals who have
made in inpact in their own right. Together they have a
very individual sound and an impressive story.
They have been noticed by influential names and have
recieved international recognition for their work.
Their video 'We Built This City' more than demonstrates
what they are capable of and without a doubt they justify
the the buzz they generate.
In addition to their music and video they have have also
worked with leading European fashion labels such as
So, who are Eurogang?
Eurogang the crew was formed in 2003, and initially consisted of S.A.S (Mega & Mayhem), Haze, Bronz n Blak
(Bronz, Blak, Nash, Tots).
The crew first saw a huge buzz with the release of the video 'Eurogang' on Channel U later that year. Coinci-
dently at the same time S.A.S were scouted and invited to join Jay Z's & Dame Dash's Roc-a-fella Records
propelling them to mainstream recognition. Never ones miss an opportunity to capitalise on the hype,
Eurogang shot a video for 'Doin Fine' for Channel U, an ode to their mothers explaining that everything
would be fine now they were part of one of Rap's most powerful dynasties.
The video captured S.A.S's whole album recording process with many A List celebs making stops and
Once the video hit Channel U it took the crew to yet another level.

Unfortunately Roc-a-fella split up and so did Eurogang. Bronz n Blak went their separate ways embarking on
their own careers. S.A.S regrouped and carried on working with the Diplomats, who were responsible for
their original relationship with Roc-a-fella, creating the 'classic' Streets All Salute CD/DVD in the process.
They later Recruited Skrilla Kid Villain and Bigz to recreate the super group - Eurogang was a full crew again.
Now with the release of Eurogang volume 1 & 2, and the 'We Built This City' video the crew has had a
resurgence not only in the UK, but throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
When the 'We Built This City' video premiered on USA's no 1 Hip Hop website it
received 50,000 views in the 1st week
And, in its 1st week on youtube 'We Built This City' video received 10,000 views on and alone.

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