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Ex-It refers to two different acts:

1. Ex-It was an obscure Japanese rock band, active from 1995 until 1998. They had a power pop style, and their slightly flamboyant image connected the band to the mid-90's visual kei scene. They released a total of three singles and one mini-album/EP in 1997, which was self-titled. Today, Ex-It is probably best known for being the first band of visual kei veteran Ikuo, who played bass in this band and countless others afterward.

2. Ex-It was a dance project active throughout the 1990's, consisting of: E-LO a.k.a. Windsor Robinson (MC, male vocals), Roz Lewis (female vocals), Andreas Hötter and Alexander Stiepel (producers). They first appeared in 1996 with "Night Fever", cover of Bee Gees, which was followed by "Body Talk", cover of Imagination. The "Body Talk" album was issued the same year featuring euro-dance flavoured with 80's disco and funk sound, E-LO's raps (sometimes ragga toastings) and Roz Lewis's vocals.

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