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F. R. David (born Eli Robert Fitoussi, 1 Fabruary 1947, Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia) is a Tunisian-born French singer.

The Words Songfacts states that he began his career as singer and guitarist with French garage band Les Trèfles, who mutated into Les Boots, but achieved very little commercial success. Fitoussi went solo in 1967 and enjoyed minor hits with the Éric Charden penned "Symphonie " and a cover of The Bee Gees' ""Sir Geoffrey Saved the World." He worked with Vangelis in the early 1970s, appearing as vocalist on some of the Greek electronic musician's early solo recordings, and then was a band member in the French rock band, Les Variations. His personal "trademarks" are his sunglasses and his guitar (a white Fender Stratocaster). His most recognised song was his hit Words (1982), which sold eight million records across the world, topped charts around Europe in late 1982, and reached No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart in Spring 1983.

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