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Former Ghosts was the project of former This Song Is a Mess But So Am I member Freddy Ruppert with loose collaborations from multiple people including Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart, Zola Jesus originator Nika Roza Danilova, Yasmine Kittles of TEARIST, Annie Lewandowski of Powerdove, and Carla Bozulich. Past live incarnations have included Jherek Bischoff and Sam Mickens. Ruppert is the lead songwriter on this brutally gloomy project. The title of the debut, Fleurs, is a reference to the white-flowered iris (Iris germanica). The band broke up on Christmas day, 2011, broken and penniless with their shoes busted apart like a God damn Charles Dickens character, Former Ghosts laid down in a cold damp ditch to submit to death and failure.

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