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Gina Riley (born 6 May 1961 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian actor, writer, singer and comedian.

Riley became a popular television performer in the sketch shows Fast Forward, its successor Full Frontal, Big Girl's Blouse and Something Stupid. In the latter she was also a producer and writer. She later appeared in The Games, a spoof behind-the-scenes look at the organizing committee of the Sydney Olympics.

On Fast Forward, Gina Riley sent-up such singers as Paula Abdul, Bette Midler and Dannii Minogue as well as Australian personalities Kerri-Anne Kennerly and Jackie McDonald. Gina Riley also played Eleanor LaGore on The Saturday Show. Recently she has enjoyed great success as Kim and Trude in Kath & Kim, written, produced and created by Riley and her long-time writing partner and friend Jane Turner. She also works frequently with Magda Szubanski.

In contrast to the rest of her cast (such as Glenn Robbins, Peter Rowsthorne and Magda Szubanski), Riley makes relatively few public appearances as herself. Most of the time, she appears, in character, as Kim, with Jane Turner. One notable exception was on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, where she and Turner both appeared, as themselves.

Riley has also had some roles in musical theatre. One notable role was as the baker's wife in a 1997 Australian production of Into the Woods. She also appeared on stage as Janet in The New Rocky Horror Show; she is included on the cast album. She recently announced that she will play the part of Matron "Mama" Morton in an upcoming adaptation of Chicago. see here

She is married to Kath & Kim Executive producer, Rick McKenna and had daughter, Maggie in 1996. She used to own a Rottweiler, but gave it up for adoption after Maggie was born. The family pet is now a Schnoodle called Rosie-Rose.

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