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Glasshopper - one of the best live bands Croatia has ever had! Their drummer Robert Meznaric played in Transmisia, an industrial noise rock band which has released three albums, some for Invisible in US, and all of them for Wide in Italy. Frontman Marin Alvir played in Zona Industriale in early `90s. Edvard Tomicic, bass player, played in Mrsky (Screw Driver). Marko Zele, renowned multi-instrumentalist, plays trombone and bass guitar. Although this is his first band, he had big crowds on his gigs in the past - he played in a funeral orchestra…
Oh, the music…
Glasshopper is often compared to Pere Ubu and Cpt.Beefheart, but also to contemporary bands like U.S.Maple, Mule, Chrome Cranks, JSBExplosion, Cows.
Glasshopper is deep in a blues groove, cut by psychotic hits of dissonant guitars. In describing the music of Glasshopper we can use terms like noise and jazz, but also rock and roll, with the accent on "roll"

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