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Helvetia, an independent and experimental alternative music group from Seattle, Washington, was created by Jason Albertini after the dissolution of the band Duster (in which he played drums). Helvetia's first record, "The Clever North Wind" (2006), was released on The Static Cult Label and distributed by Up Records. Their first national exposure was achieved by touring with Built To Spill. Helvetia is produced/performed by Jason Albertini and sustained by a rotating live line-up, which has included C. Dove Amber, Jim Roth and Scott Plouf. Their third release, "Headless Machine of the Heart" (2008) was recorded entirely on a 4-track tape machine. Helvetia continues to release music through The Static Cult Label (which is helmed by Duster-mate Clay Parton). The name Helvetia is the female personification of Switzerland, the childhood home of Jason Albertini.

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