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ill niño is a nu metal band formed in New Jersey, USA in 1998. Most of the lineup has been changed since and throughout the band's formation, with founder/drummer Dave Chavarri being the only constant member. Ill Niño developed their own unique style known to fans of the band as "Latin metal." They have released seven studio albums, two EPs, and one greatest hits album, selling over 2 million albums worldwide.

Current band members:
Marcos Leal – vocals (2019–present)
Dave Chavarri – drums (1998–present)
Daniel Couto – percussion (2003–present)
Jes De Hoyos – lead guitar (2019–present)
Sal Dominguez – rhythm guitar (2019–present)
Lazaro Pina – bass (1999–present)

Former band members:
Cristian Machado – vocals (1999–2019)
Jorge Rosado – vocals (1998–1999)
Ahrue Luster – lead guitar (2003–2019)
Marc Rizzo – lead guitar (1998–2003)
Diego Verduzco – rhythm guitar (2006–2019)
Jardel Paisante – rhythm guitar (1999–2006)
Daniel Gomez – rhythm guitar (1998)
Roger Vasquez – percussion (1999–2003)
Omar Clavijo – turntables (2003–2004)
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