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Isabella Valentine, Ch.T is a self-identified Goddess and hypnodomme providing femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, NLP, and fantasy hypno domination. Mind control specialties: gender transformation, forced feminization, femdom mind control hypnosis, lesbian hypnosis, hypnotic domination, financial domination, bdsm erotic hypnosis, and variety of broad sensual fetishes. Isabella Valentine is an erotic Hypno-Dominatrix and loves inducing hypnotic trances using the hypno fetish. Isabella Valentine is a hypnoteuse known for beautiful hypnotic brainwashing, sensual bdsm domination, and sexual nlp brain conditioning. She is a certified Master clinical hypnotherapist, a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and certified Master in the techniques of Time Empowerment. Her sensual domination style of hypnotism includes adding femdom twists to Krasner inductions, erotic trance to Ericksonian methods and femdom hypnotic storytelling, mind manipulation (mind control) which consists of twisting language around to induce hypno confusion. Isabella Valentine is a hypnotic domina with hypnotic slaves and hypno-enthusiasts who enjoy trancing out to deep-embedded subliminal mind control messages.

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