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Born in 2002, California based teenage musician Jojo Dellaparis was always interested in music. She began producing and creating demos in 2015, releasing comedy singles and uploading them to YouTube for several years. During this time, Dellaparis wrote "Rose Whore" for infamous internet personality Rebecca Bielinksi (AKA Rebecca 2000). However, laughs turned into straight-faced music as time went on. In 2017, Dellaparis began blurring the lines between seriousness and satire with demo tracks like the dance pop song "Detained In Dubai" and the ballad "Alka Seltzer". This culminated in the release of her first mixtape, "Sinful Paradise", which was released for free download in the summer of 2017. In early 2018, she pulled the album from YouTube and announced that she had started work on her proper debut album, which is tentatively slated for a late 2018-early 2019 release date. The first single from this LP, entitled "Queen", was released on all digital music retailers in January 2018.

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