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Kaitee Page was never going to write another song again. She’d spent 15 years in the music business as a session string player in LA, a touring 5-string electric violinist & keyboard player, and an electropop singer-songwriter performing under the moniker, Lunic.

Tired of swimming upstream in an industry prone to chewing artists up and spitting them out, combined with a few things hitting the fan in her personal life, she packed her bags and moved from NYC to Dallas to San Diego and back to Dallas again to focus on a career in fine arts / abstract painting.

The silence was comforting…
until the pandemic & protests hit, and there was nothing left to do but write.

Now, eight years since her last full-length record was released (as Lunic), Kaitee Page brings us precisely the pandemic song we need, “What Day is it Today,” ditching the moniker and giving it to us as herself: raw, vulnerable, & confident.

To be fair, Kaitee Page is still Lunic in many ways: catchy electro pop songs, melodic keyboard hooks, deliberate & sincere lyrics, but her sound is arguably more mature than that of Lunic, showing not only her growth musically but her emotional growth as a human being as well. While Lunic brought us electro pop, Kaitee Page brings us intellectual pop - simple enough to be accessible to the masses, yet poetic, metaphoric, and thought-provoking all at once.

To hear music by Kaitee Page, visit Lunic or

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