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There are at least seven artists under this name:

1. Kino - A Soviet post-punk band (Кино) from the 80s.
2. Kino - A South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, composer and dancer.
3. Kino - A British progressive rock band.
4. Kino - A Japanese experimental band.
5. KiNo - "Poet of sound and image".
6. Kino - who plays shamisen in a modern style.
7. Kino - Is a Japanese singer/songwriter and she was born in "Kochi" Prefecture, Japan.

1. Kino was a Soviet rock band founded and headed by Victor Tsoi in Leningrad, 1981.. It is considered to be one of the greatest rock bands in the history of Russian music. The latin version of the band's name was used on some international releases. The correct tag for this artist is Кино

2. Kang Hyung-gu (Korean: 강형구; born January 27, 1998), better known as Kino (키노), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, composer and dancer. He is best known as the member of the boy group Pentagon, which debuted in 2016 under Cube Entertainment. He also releases solo music over SoundCloud under the name Knnovation.

3. Kino is a British band formed in 2004. KINO released their debut album Picture in February 2005, to an enthusiastic reception from an international audience, as well as attracting positive recognition from the music press.

The album combines the individual talents of John Mitchell from Arena/The Urbane/Frost*/It Bites on vocals and guitar, Pete Trewavas of Marillion on bass guitar, John Beck from It Bites on keyboards, and Chris Maitland formerly of Porcupine Tree on drums. Due to Chris Maitland's other musical commitments, KINO were joined live enhanced by It Bites' drummer Bob Dalton. The band also played many It Bites songs live, which lead to the reforming of It Bites with Mitchell as their new lead singer.

4. Kino is a Japanese experimental rock band from the 80s. Members included: Kino (vocals, bass, effects), Tetsu (vocals, guitar, synthesizers), Katsuyuki Sano (alto saxophone), Norihiro Mukai (drums). Discogs

5. KiNo is a solo recording artist, maker of the concept album Map of the Universe.

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