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Kyza Smirnoff AKA Mr Sayso has been in the music industry since early 1999. His hard work, desire and talent has culminated in the gradual elevation of recognition, respect and notoriety in the UK hip hop scene.

Originally in N.W.C (North-West Collabo) alongside UK hip hop powerhouse Micall Parknsun (Parky), his peers soon realised Kyza's level of ability, which soon led to a feature alongside Jehst & Chester P for the 'Trilogy remix'.

After the deserving attention gained through this release, Kyza then proceeded to join forces with Klashnekoff, thus creating one of the UK's best known cliques, Terra Firma. Shortly afterwards, the final member, Skribblah, lined up alongside Kyza and K-lash to create the original Terra Firma line up, with the release of 'The Foundation' in 2006 concluding the 'Firma Teams' work together.

Being heard on various albums, mixtapes and releases, both with and without Terra Firma, Kyza had built up a reputation as a formidable and noteworthy MC, whose style was unmatchable and immediately recognisable. Kyza has starred alongside many prestigious artists including Kool G-Rap, Jehst, Supa-T, Lewis Parker, Harry Love, Yungun, Reveal, Lowkey, Stylah, Pyrrelli, T-Bear, Caramac, Chemo, Asaviour, Triggz Vega and many, many more…

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