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The Last Minute was formed when bassist Wally Wronka and sax blower Devin Thompson left the reggae band Ragamuffin to form an improvisational oriented jazz/funk/rock trio with drummer Wes Hornig, who plays with Wally in the experimental rock trio Amphibian. Wally's playing is funky and nasty, often quite fluid, and sometimes "pickle dropping", a quote from the slaphappy bassmeister himself. The ever changing interplay between Wally and Wes, whose style incorporates many different influences, lays a backdrop (or sometimes front flop) for Devin's jazzy, school-trained (unlike Wes & Wally's natural creativity) sax blowing. An occasional guest guitarist or sit-in drummer joins the band for a jam or two in recent shows. The Last Minute doesn't practice besides in an improvisational live setting with some vague verbal ideas planned out at the last minute. They have played close to 10 bars in the Bryan/College Station area, played at Revolution Cafe & Bar at least weekly. The songs presented here are well below their average jam quality, since all recording were done in a live setting with a very limited budget. The Last Minute Trio is a constant changing melody that is often limited only by the listeners imagination.

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